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Tax Rates

Property taxes represent a property owner's portion of the local government's budgeted spending for the current year. Increases or decreases depend upon a local government's fiscal management, the assessed valuation of a property and/or local tax rates, which are based on the budget proposals submitted by local government taxing entities that provide services to each community. Local spending is the reason for property tax rate increases - or decreases - depending on local fiscal management.

Each year, local units (or the municipal or county fiscal body responsible for adopting a unit's budget, rates, and levies) submit their adopted budget to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. The Department then reviews each unit's budget, and ensures that the budget is in line with laws, regulations, and other property tax controls related to this spending. After the unit makes any necessary adjustments, the Department approves a funded budget and develops tax rates for each taxing unit.

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Elkhart County Auditor – Pauline Graff

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