Information for Parents of Detainees

Information for Parents of Detainees

This is the period of time between your child's admission and when he/she enters the group program.  Your child may use the telephone, receive mail and receive visitors during this time.  The only reading material your child may have during this time is the Resident Handbook.  If your child has difficulty reading or understanding the handbook, a staff member will ensure that another resident will go over it with him/her and explain it to him/her.  Staff will check on residents at least every 15 minutes while they are in their rooms.

After your child understands what is expected, he/she may take the Program Entrance Test.  When he/she passes this test, he/she will be eligible to come to the next group meeting where the other residents will determine if he/she is ready to join the program and come out of his/her room.  If they feel he/she is not ready, your child will return to his room until the next group meeting when the residents will re-evaluate his/her status.  Most residents enter the Program within 24 hours after admission.

All juveniles detained shall be required to participate in the School Program.  After your child's Detention Hearing, the Center's teacher will attempt to arrange for assignments from your child's school to be prepared for him to continue working on while detained.  Parents are expected to ensure the assignments and books are brought to the Center for their child.

A physician visits the Center at least weekly and is on-call at other times.  In the event of some illness or injury, parents will be notified as soon as possible.  It is the policy of the Elkhart County Circuit Court - Juvenile Division, that it is the parents’ or legal guardians' responsibility to pay for all medical treatment, including medications, for their child.  Every effort will be made to contact you whenever your child is in need of medical services so that you may authorize and/or be present for these services.

Your child may use the telephone during free-time to contact parents/legal guardians. The time limit and who your child may call will be determined by the level he/she is on.  Each child will be allowed a minimum of one three-minute personal phone call each day.  Your child cannot receive personal phone calls and may only make long distance phone calls collect or with a phone card.

There is no limit on the amount of mail your child may send or receive.  The Center will provide him/her with writing materials, envelopes and postage stamps.

Personal Property
Personal property brought into the Center is inventoried and stored until your child's release.  Personal property may be released to parents, legal guardians or other persons authorized by you and your child.  After your child's release, their property should be claimed as soon as possible.  If it is not claimed within 30 days, the Center may dispose of it.

Protection of Identity
The identity of your child as a resident of the Elkhart County Juvenile Detention Center is confidential.  Information concerning your child's detention will only be given to parents or legal guardians, school officials (for the purpose of arranging for schoolwork) and others who are providing services to your child and are approved by the Juvenile Court.

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